Yaffa: beauty and the sea

Yaffa, the landing place. Circa 1890. Image credit: American colony in Jerusalem, Source: the Library of congress.

Yaffa: Beauty & The Sea

The Palestinian coastal city of Yaffa is the inspiration of our new collection; references of photographs of sites and lifestyle of Yaffa in the twilight years of the Ottoman rule, all through Alnakba, were the stage of our story.

Yaffa pre-zionism, with its busy marketplaces, merchants and sailors, people of different ages and social status, men and women, all were a rich source of inspiration.

Embroidery motifs -which date long before that period- are present, untouched and unchanged, as we regard them as an ancient language that must be preserved and understood. However, the context and the application is modernized. Our contemporary approach to Palestinian heritage comes as an attempt to move this art forward, as it came to a freeze or maybe decline after AlNakba.